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Our online shop selling unique,  novelty and collectable handcrafted pieces of jewellery and curios mostly made with old and unusual coins from a workshop based in Balbriggan Ireland

Dave McKeown a native Balbrigganer has started a fascinating crafting business called Strange Change. He is deeply interested in old coins and the history attached to them. He now hands cuts each coin and designs some beautiful pieces in his workshop in Balbriggan.

Have a creation made from one of you own coins or enquire about a bespoke piece. 

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About Irish Coins
£1 Punt Millenium 

£1 punt commemorative coin of Ireland issued in the 2000 to commemorate the millennium. Limited low mintage and the last ever newly designed coin of the Punt era pre euro.

£1 Punt

The one pound coin was a coin of the Irish pound. It was used in Ireland from 20 June 1990 until Ireland joined the euro in 2002. 


The penny (1d) (Irish: pingin) coin was the third smallest denomination of the pre-decimal Irish pound,

Years of minting: 1928–1968


The threepence (Irish: leath reul or 3d coin was a subdivision of the pre-decimal Irish pound.  

Years of minting1928–1969


The florin (Irish: flóirín) coin was a subdivision of the pre-decimal Irish pound. It was more commonly known as the two-shilling coin.

The original minting of the coin from 1928 until 1943 contained 75% silver.

Years of minting                1928–1968

Twenty Pence

The twenty pence It was introduced on 30 October 1986. It features the horse that was on the pre-decimal half-crown coin, The coin has a yellow-brass colour due to its composition which is 79% copper, 20% zinc and 1% nickel,

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