Saturday night, 27th March

Smoking Ban in pubs only hours away.

Did we ever think we would see the day that smoking in the pub would be banned in Balbriggan, and not only Balbriggan, the whole of Ireland.... Saturday night, 27th March, was the last saturday night drinkers could enjoy a smoke in one hand and a drink in the other. Surely this can't be true, an institution gone forever, a great piece of legislation or an infringement on civil liberties, whatever your view, it looks like it's here to stay. Two of the team went out and about with their digital camera. Their first stop was the Bracken Court Hotel followed by McCormack's, The Central and ending up in The Milestone. It was Martin and Tony's' mission to record for posterity and the web site, an institution that goes back hundreds of years. In total, they took 45 pictures of smokers and non smokers and we bring you every photo taken by our intrepid reporters. If you like a particular photo and want a print of it, let us know by email and we will email you a high quality version of that photo free of charge. Hopefully we will be putting names to every photo. 

J. Finnegan, Vivienne & Frank Lawlor & Friends
B& M Faughner and friends
Mrs Marry, Archie Mc Gillivary
Mr & Mrs Reilly
C. Finn, L Collins, O Collins, Noel & Mr Finn
Gerldine & friend
Doly, Nagga,Mr & Mrs Finn & Noel
Tom McCabe, Dessie & Chris Rooney
Gerry Murphy & Martin from
Mrs Kelly, Maureem Webster, Lilly Donnolly, Mullins
Archie McGillivary & Caroline
Terry monks, ?, Harry McKenna
Mrs Kelly, Maureen & Lilly
Mrs C. Smith, Martin, Carmel McNally
Mr & Mrs D Cannon.
"The Golly",? Mary,? Margaret ?
Christine, ?,? Delorous
Tony of, Jimmy
Kevin Cahill & Garath Cannon
Liam & Marie Sweetman
Sean Richardson
Bernie White, A. Hammond, B.Corcoran
Sean Richardson, Golly, Evlynn
Cept, Martin & Rose
Bernie, Adrian, Paul, Tony from