August 2004

Classic Photo.

We think its time for another photo in the David Brangan Collection. In case you are new to the site, several weeks ago we came into possession of 98 photos on glass, all of them showing either people or places in Balbriggan. Its a unique collection with most of the photos never seen before. Today's photo is of the Coastguard's station which used to stand almost beside the martello tower before it was gutted in the early 1920's. 16.09.04

The Coastguard's Station. 
Photo courtesy of David Brangan.

Laragh, corner of Church/Hampton Street.

Today we bring you 3 photos. 2 are of Laragh on Church Street from the 1980's with the Dairy visible where Hampton Court is now. The other photo is of Confry's with the Ivory coast in the background.15.09.04 

Laragh. Corner of Church Street and Hampton st. 
Benton/Curtis Collection

Tha Dairy on Hampton Street.
Benton/Curtis Collection

Ivory Coast with Confrys.
Benton/Curtis Collection.

Community College Class of '66.

Here is a photo taken recently by Jack. It's the Community College from 1966. We have all the names and will be placing them on the site soon. 14.

Balbriggan Community College Class of '66.

Charity Walk in 1970.

A Charity Walk took place in 1970 and in several subsequent years. These walks were from Balbriggan to Skerries, Loughshinny, Rush, Lusk, Quickpenny, Man-O-War, Balrothery, Balbriggan; say about 20 miles.13.0

Charity Walk in 1970. Benton/Curtis Collection © 1998.

Balbriggan Rugby Club.

The team were due to play Navan in the Jenkenson Cup today sunday but unfortunately the visitors weren't able to provide a full team so the match was cancelled. Two of the team were there hoping to get some action shots but instead they had to settle for photos of a training session.

Today's Special Include.

A montage of the railway, Christy kiernan, Joe Gilbert, a recent dusk photo and a view of the new building on Mill street. All created for your pleasure by the hardest working web team in Ireland. 

Well done to Joe for this Montage.

Joe Gilbert 1980.

A lovely man, sadly no longer with us.
Joe worked in Wavin in the 1960's and following serious surgery he returned to work until ever diminishing health forced him to retire early. He was so proud of his family and we imagine he smiles from heaven at the success of his grandchildren; one of whom is in Riverdance and another in Anya.

Christy Kiernan.1984. Benton/Curtis Collection © 1998

Photo taken from Laragh on Church street. 10th Sept 2004.

Almost finished. Top appartment will have a lovely view.

The Railway Station 1963.

Here is a great photo of the station over 40 years ago. Top left is the Signal Box and notice the large shelter area of the platform and the extra building attached to the factory. 10.09.04

Balbriggan Station 1963. Photo courtesy of Benton/Curtis Collection © 1996.

Seamus Smith Barber.

In this photo, taken c1984, we bring you Paddy ally with Seamus Smith. Seamus was the Barber on Mill street.10.09.04 

Bomb Scare at Sunshine House.

Several weeks back there was a bomb scare at Sunshine House where a device was found and was "ticking". As you will see, the Army Bomb Disposal team arrived to make the devise safe. From what we know there was no explosives but it was an elaborate hoax. The whole saga lasted about 5 hours with many of the houses on Church Street evacuated. We got some photos and we bring you 2. 05.09.04 

Balbriggan Chess Club.

We have been asked to give this new club a mention. One of the team went along to one of their sessions and took some photos. We now have contact details. 

Balbriggan chess came to life with a simultanious display by Irish champion Stephen Brady in January of this year. He played against 20 players in the Order of Malta Hall in Hampton Street, beat 18 and drew against 2 players. A questionnaire was filled out by each participant, the result of which indicated the interest of most participants in joining a chess club if one was to be started in the town.

A few weeks later the first meeting was held in the same venue with 15 players attending and from there on every second Sunday was chosen as a day for chess meetings.

The club now has a committee, a constitution, received an award for the purchase of equipment from Fingal County Council and is in the process of organizing demonstrations by leading Irish chess masters in Balbriggan. The first demonstration will be held by Kieran English from Phibsboro Chess Club on Sunday, the 3rd of October from 2 - 5pm in the Order of Malta Hall, Hampton Street.

Currently the club is also looking into the possibility of organizing a town championship, which could be held during the winter months. Further information will be given closer to the start of the event. Finally, the four times Irish Champion Stephen Brady has put his name down to play another simultanious display next year. So there is lots to look forward to!  If anyone wants to get in touch they could ring me on my mobile: 087/6985329 The next date for the chess club is on Sunday the 19th of September between 2 - 5pm (we meet every second Sunday in the Order of Malta Hall) Everone is welcome, there is no age limit (rough guideline: 4 - 104!)

Santa Ponsa.

One of the team on a recent visit to Santa Ponsa, Majorca, met up with fellow holiday makers and entertainers. Never missing an opportunity, Martin introduced them to and with camera on hand, took some photos which we are delighted to put on our site to record the occasion. So hello Mikey & Danny, Ell-Marie & Andrea, & Carmel, Ray & Kathleen.04.09.04

Engine No85. The Original Enterprise passes through town.

Thank god that one of the team happened to be finishing on nights and so was able to stay up and watch this 72 year old engine pass through the station. A 45 minute delay meant she didn't leave Dublin until 08.30 and it was about 09.00 when she sped through. Conditions weren't great for photographs when the "Merlin" passed, it was dull and overcast and she traveling quite fast but we got two shots of reasonable quality. 02.09.04

No 85 Merlin

At Barnageara. Photo by Joe Curtis.

Not more Harbour photos!

That's what one of the team said to another after our latest batch of photos was put on site on the 31st of August. So to right this wrong we have another batch from around the town minus the Harbour

Beautiful Day photos.

Tuesday saw a magnificent day in Balbriggan weather wise, so, as usual one of the team headed out to capture as many shots as possible for you(especially those abroad) to enjoy. 31.08.04 

Baldongan Castle?

Some people refer to it as a castle, in fact the castle no longer stands. Baldongan Church and Tower to give it's correct title, was built in the 14th Century as a parish church with the Tower added at a later date to protect the priests who lived there, as it lay within the Pale and so subject to attack. 31.08.04

The Square from the mid 90's.

Here is a photo we came across by one of the team. We reckon it was taken around 1997, give or take a couple of years. The shot was taken on a Sunday morning from outside the Bank looking up towards Hampton Street. The Public toilets are there along with the parking spaces for wheelchair users. 30.08.04

Sea Banks-1916 and 1983.

Two more photos today both depicting the same spot. The first is from about 1916 and a close look reveals a structure, almost hanging over the cliff, no wonder it's gone. The second shot is from 1983 and in this shot a shelter can be seen that's no longer there. Probably demolished to discourage loitering. 29.08.04

Sea Banks c1916.

Sea Banks June 1983. Photo courtesy of Benton/Curtis Collection. © 1999

Two Photos from June 1984.

We bring you two photos today, the first is a group of children on Drogheda street. Can anyone put names to the faces? They would be in their mid-thirties now. The second is of a horse and cart on mill street, can anyone name the horse? 29.08.04

 Children on Drogheda Street 1984. Photo courtesy of the Benton/Curtis Collection. © 1998.

Mill street June 1984. Courtesy of Benton/Curtis Collection © 1997.

Loreto Convent.

From 1984 and immediately prior to the destruction of the Church we show an image of the interior of the Loreto. The loss of this building in favour of a modern, 'easy to maintain' and rather mundane building, is still voiced today.22.08.04

Inside loreto.  Photo courtesy of the Benton/Curtis collection © 2000

Wavin Engineering Team.

We show the Wavin Engineering team from September 1963. From left: Paddy Mathews, Michael Maloney, Peter O'Hare, Denis Reynolds, Kevin King, Con Conway, Joe Russell & Jack Morgan.22.08.

Two Great Northern Railway men meet in Balbriggan

Mr Billy Bennet and Mr Arthur Healy, both worked for the GNR (I)...Arthur in the Goods Dept. in Sherrif Street Dublin and Billy in Cavan and Dundalk, ending his career as Stationmaster in Balbriggan. Billy is in his early 90's and Arthur(father of one of the team) is a youngster of 68 years! We bring you two photos of Billy Bennet... the first with Arthur and the second with Tony Healy.18.08.04