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What Lies Beneath: Fingal Geophysical Survey Project-Heritage Week Event

Do you know what may lie beneath the green of your estate? Could there be the remains of the past where the kids have a kick-about? Well yes, and a 2018 Heritage week event organised by Fingal County Council aims to find out just what lies beneath.

‘There are over 30 greenspaces within housing estates or within parklands throughout Fingal where we know archaeological remains have been preserved’ says Fingal Community Archaeologist Christine Baker, ‘The aim of this project is to connect people with the story of what is literally on their doorstep’. Target Surveys have been engaged to carry out geophysical survey of four open spaces, the results of which will also help with the future management of these spaces and the protection of what is preserved there. ‘We’re asking people to come out and find out what may be underneath their open space, learn a little about geophysical survey , see