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We catch up with Sean Moroney 5 years after his infamous photo seeking work.

We first heard about about Sean Moroney in 2014, A returned US emigrant, Sean had been walking the roadside during each morning rush-hour to look for work – hoping a business owner or manager would see his homemade sign, take a punt on him and ask him in for an interview.

Sean had returned to his home town of Balbriggan two years previously, after spending eight-and-a-half years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was employed by a moving company — working his way up from casual labourer to become manager of the firm.

He sent out “hundreds” of CVs in that two years, he said. The idea for the roadside campaign came to him as he lay awake one night pondering his future.

Now a High Power Exec caught up with Sean this week and only 5 years later his strategy paid off and he is an award winning, teaming building, champion sales team member of PrePay Power.

We revisited the spot on the Naul Road where Sean first showed his get up and go attitude and fought back. Now five years later Sean told us about his most recent career highlights. In his first year with PrePay Power he won best newcomer / team member. In year two he won national champion award at a ceremony held in the Guinness Storehouse. Then in year three he won Dublin Salesperson of the year. He now has been given the opportunity to head up his own network team.

Seans strategy won him lots of praise for his determination and true grit, he received loads of offers and he even featured in a Jim Sheridan Movie and did some advertising acting roles. Finally finding his feet with PrePay Power.

A really inspirational guy, well done Sean onwards and upwards.