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Tubby Connolly’s or Confrey's

Mention Tubbys or Confrey’s to anyone and it brings a smile to those who remember this Balbriggan institution. It’s now a fast food restaurant but for years it was a shop at the front and a pub at the back. It was run by 3 brothers, Walter, Paddy and Tommy Connolly. When you entered the shop it was like going back in time, they did all the calculations with pencil and paper, and no matter what you were looking for, they had it. Often, they would have to go down to the basement for, leave the shop unattended and returning with whatever you were looking for. There was no health and safety in this shop, you’d ask for some cheese and whoever was serving you would spit on his hands and say, “certainly, how many slices” and continue to catch each slice as it fell from the cutting blade. Over the next few days we hope to bring you photos from inside the shop and inside the bar. The photos we bring you today are smaller than usual but maybe the person who supplied us them in the first place send us them again in a bigger format. We are not sure who gave us todays photos but the name of Tom Cullen in Fancourt is in my mind. Anyway, please share with us your memories of this institution and if you have any photos we’d love to see them. Enjoy todays photos and more tomorrow.