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The Square But in What Year?

During the 10 years of from 2003-2013, we have received some great photographs of the town of years gone bye. Roger Turner is Sheffield is one and the other is John Evans. John came to Balbriggan from England for many years and if my memory serves me right, he used to stay above Sheila Reynolds on Drogheda Street. John was an excellent photographer and the quality of his work is amazing. John found on the web and he very kindly sent us over all his photos he took in Balbriggan during the 1950’s and ’60’s. Although we have lost most of the post we published over the years, we still have every photo ever sent to us. Today’s photo is one of my favourites as it shows the Square from a different era. If anyone can remember John Evans or knows of him or his connection with Mrs Reynolds, please do the us know. Anyone know who the woman outside the Courthouse is or the man outside the pub. Maybe the younger generation can show this photo to their parents or grandparents. What year was this taken is our main question.