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Street boxes as a canvas for Balbriggan

On Friday last we told you about the Dublin Canvas initiative and that 3 locations had been selected in Balbriggan for local artists to make submissions to be selected to be given the opportunity to produce their work on the actual street boxes.

The idea was the brainchild of Dublin Canvas Project Co-ordinator David Murtagh. Read a great article here about the idea and its inception.

Today we spoke with local artist local artist Alison O’Grady who has some wonderful

submissions done this year, as a teacher Alison likes to encourage others to make submissions and nurture as many people to get involved as possible.

Alison had been selected on previous occasions when the competition only covered Dublin City she told us she loves doing the work and getting close to the local inhabitants is the most satisfying thing for her. She told us she loved painting the boxes and that people were so curious and loved chatting, some artists wear headphones and do not interact she said and told us hers took ages to paint because she was so entertaining and accommodating to the people who stopped to chat.

See here a gallery of the different stages of the boxes by Alison O’Grady in Dublin city.