PJ Cullen Collection

PJ Cullen is a well know photographer from Balbriggan and he had a photography business in the town for many years in the ’70 & 80’s where he photographed many a wedding of locals. He also worked in Wavin and was commissioned by them to take aerial photos of the town. His business closed and he emigrated to Australia where he formed a celtic music group and if I remember correctly, it was called Blackwater. Some years back PJ contacted us here at and very generously gave us lots of fantastic images all taken in Balbriggan. Today’s photo is a real gem of a photo and taken with a SLR camera so the quality is top class. So between now and Christmas we hope to bring you a some great photos taken by PJ along with Sean Farrell, Roger Turner, John Evans, Joe Curtis and myself. Can anyone identify these lads.

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