Painting of Balbriggan Lighthouse with Original Dome.

PJ Cullen sent us in this snapshot of a painting by Paul Henry circa 1930. The original was commissioned by W.W Chapman of Smyth & Co., The painting was sold at auction following the liquidation of Smyth & Company.

An ongoing project to restore the dome to its former glory continues. As part of a series of Questions relating to Balbriggan Beach & Coastline posed by Cllr Tony Murphy at the most resent Fingal County Council, Balbriggan Swords Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters) Thursday, 14th September, the following update was given:

Lighthouse Dome

Question: Councillor T. Murphy

“To ask the Chief Executive to give a completion date for the installation of the new dome top for Balbriggan lighthouse?”


Following the evaluation of tenders a preferred tenderer has been selected and our consultant Engineers are in discussion with them to agree a commencement date. They have been advised that an early date is important.

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