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New Laws will have massive impact on Waste Management - Your chance to shape them.

New bye-laws will have a massive impact on how we manage our waste. The time when we may or may not put out our bins and heavy fines and penalties for non-compience. An onus on occupiers to prove how all their household waste is disposed of. Not enough public consultation was offered when new waste management laws were introduced in the early 2000s. You now have an opportunity to suggest improvements, make submissions on how households can be held accountable for not disposing of waste properly. Suggest ways people can be encouraged to be more environmentally aware.

If you have seen practices in other areas or abroad that you believe should be in place in Fingal or you have ideas for solutions to help ensure we have first-class waste management in Fingal then now is the time to make a submission.

Click Here to read the current proposals

Have your say make a submission today. Be involved now with the process that is offered. This will impact you in many ways

  • Cost of waste disposal

  • Incentives to dispose of Environmentally friendly

  • Penalties for non-compliance

  • Fines and Penalties for illegal Dumping and fly-tipping

  • Prosecutions

  • Law enforcement.

Make your submission today Fingal County Council will consider any submissions in relation to the draft Waste Presentation Bye-Laws which are submitted either online through the website or in writing to the Environment Department, Fingal County Council, by any person on or before 4th December, 2019.