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More Confrey’s Photos

That was some response to yesterdays post, 9000 people reached via Face Book, over 200 likes and 900 clicks to the main site. Anyway, it just goes to show how highly people think of the 3 brothers and the business they ran. Thanks for all the memories, I especially enjoyed hearing about the coins glued to the counter, I’d say they were real characters. I presume they have all passed away by now, the last I heard was that they were in a nursing home in Drogheda. Joe Curtis cleared up the Confrey/Connolly issue, The three Confrey brothers were nephews to Pat Connolly the previous owner, thanks for that Joe. I was just thinking, I presume the basement is still there, wouldn’t you just love to see it now, even just to get an idea of the size it is. Does anyone know the present owners and maybe we could get a few photos. Today’s photos include more of the shop and also from the last day before the pub closed which I think was about Sept. 1995. We’ll have more for you on Sunday, my Father is 80 today and a bit of a celebration tonight. Enjoy todays photos. We’ve numbered the people in the photos also.