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Know a building that would suit Balbriggan Men's Shed?

Following on from the news that Balbriggans Men's Shed are seeking new premises on foot of being given notice to vacate their current premises by Friday 17th August 2018. A subsequent statement on their Facebook page announced they had secured temporary accommodation in the interim.

Balbriggand Men's Shed is a fantastic resource for the town. A Men’s Shed as defined on the website is any community-based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all men where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other men and where the primary objective is to advance the health and well- being of the participating men. Men’s sheds may look like a shed in you back yard yet they innovatively share some characteristics of both community education and health promotion projects.

If you have a building or know of somebody that has a building that you think would be practical for us, we would love to hear from you, please e-mail or drop by our current shed.