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Brendan Ryan asked the Minister for Transport; Tourism and Sport his plans for Budget 2019 in respect of disability access improvements at train stations and bus stops nationally.

Ryan “Funding is needed as a matter of urgency to improve access for people to avail of trains and buses throughout our country. In my own constituency of Fingal, I’ve heard from constituents in Skerries who are having to travel to Balbriggan, then get on a train back to Skerries as they can’t get from the northbound platform to the southbound platform at Skerries station due to a repeatedly broken lift. This is a maintenance issue rather than an infrastructural issue but it illuminates just how much real investment is needed! If we can’t fix or keep working, the infrastructure that is already there then how can we trust this Government to invest in new infrastructure.”

Ryan “Train platforms still have too much of a gap for wheelchair users, access to buses for people in wheelchairs still remains a massive challenge and more needs to be done to invest in measures for people with visual impairments. It really is not good enough. I am calling for the Minister to detail increased funding as will as a list of priority projects which can begin as straight away”