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Free Self-Defence Classes From Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon, a martial arts based fitness gym in balbriggan is offering free introduction to self-defence classes. Unfortunately there has been an escalation of crimes against the person in Balbriggan lately, resents muggings and particularly attacks on women. Sifu Keith Fanning of Blue Dragon Iron Fitness, Convent Lane is offering all his female members an introduction to self-defence class this Saturday. Blue Dragon would like to extend this and offer a separate free introduction to self-defence to non-members and give an opportunity for him to showcase his gym and the facilities and classes they offer.

Many of the classes on offer at Blue Dragon can help with self-defence, fitness and confidence building. A hugely popular fitness class weekday mornings is the famous “Mammy Mornings” a circuit based training programme for ladies. Blue Dragon also have a range of classes for children too including a very popular Junior MMA class, where kids can learn a multitude of lessons including self-defence, confidence and respect.

If you would be interested in joining Sifu Keith for a free introduction to Self-Defence please let him know and drop an email to

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