FG & Labour fail to support FF Bill to help homeowners paying on the double – Darragh O'Brien TD

- The Bill has passed Second Stage in the Dáil without the backing of former Government allies -

Fianna Fáil’s Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD has hit out at Government this week for voting against the Management 

Fianna Fáil’s Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD has hit out at Government this week for voting against the Management Fees (Local Property Tax) Relief Bill 2018 is aimed at giving homeowners who are paying on the double through property tax and management fees some relief. 

The Bill will provide homeowners who are already paying management fees with a reduction in their Property Tax bill worth a third of the fee, up to a maximum of €300 per year.

O’Brien said, “When the Local Property Tax was first devised it was intended that it would solely fund maintenance services in residential developments but despite this, tens of thousands of homeowners nationwide have been also slapped with management fees to provide the very same services. Essentially, they are being charged on the double.

“Relieving homeowners and easing the burden of paying both Local Property Tax and management fees to deliver the same services, is a priority for our party. We introduced this Bill believing that both Fine Gael and Labour would wish to support the same and bring about an end to poor practice but sadly they have shown their true colours. It is a big relief that thankfully our Bill was passed through the Dáil at Second Stage regardless.

“Let no Fine Gael or Labour representative try tell you that they understand or respect the pressure households are under to keep all expenses covered. They had a prime opportunity when voting on our Bill to ease the financial pressure but instead one chose to abstain and the other to vote against it.

“Now that it has been confirmed that neither party are remotely interested in reforming the Local Property Tax system to make it gradually more fair and equitable, we are more determined than ever to see this legislation pass all stages of the Oireachtas,” he concluded.

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