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Combined Balbriggan Residents Association (COBRA)

Balbriggan News received a notice today from Pinewood Residents Association calling on All Residents associations to unite and work in unison. Great to see people power in action and concerned residents banding together and organising to have a voice. We need leadership in Balbriggan and only from initiatives like this can the genuinely concerned residents, parents and hard-working people shape the future of OUR town. We all should support this and congratulate those that step up to for the betterment of all.

To Whom it may concern,
My name is Erin Kelly and the Secretary of Pinewood Estate Residents' Association.
Our estate alongside 7 other estates are currently in the process of forming a combined committee of resident associations. We hope to have a stronger voice together and aim to help each other with issues evolving around the town.
We would like to invite any registered committees in the Balbriggan or surrounding areas to come on board. If you have an interest or would like some further information you can contact me at