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Castlelands Master Plan, 1000s of new homes, Balbriggan will have your say.

At a recent Fingal County Council meeting the Castlelands Master plan was presented. The plan aims to introduce another 1,000 homes in 24.2 hectare site, bring much needed infrastructure along with swimming pool and additional school and a new link road from Balbriggan Church Roundabout to the Skerries Rd. This has the potential to increase the population by 4,000 more people.

While not everyone had an opportunity to express their opinions or air their views on previous plans for Balbriggan this time you have your say, you can be fully involved you have no excuse when this is complete.

I will take time to study the plans and formulate my opinion. When this was last on public consultation over 350 people made submissions, if you look at any public submission on the Fingal County Council portal typically 50/60 people respond to these things. We know Balbriggan People want their say and you are getting it. 100's of people called for a swimming pool in the last open processes, a pool has now been promised, this proves your engagement is listened to.

I will publish my own observations and thoughts on when the public consultation period opens up.

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The plan will be up for public consultation from 7th May to 28th May and the council will then review it for approval at the July council meeting.