Brendan Ryan supports restoration of Balbriggan Town Council.


27 September 2018

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal has welcomed the publication of the Labour Party’s Local Government (Restoration of Town Councils) Bill.

Ryan “"Town-level local government can be more responsive to people's concerns, quicker to react to issues and provides clear accountability in relation to money being invested to address local needs. The purpose of this Labour Party Bill is to provide a mechanism for the restoration of Town Councils in urban areas with a population of at least 5,000 residents, and 1,000 or more dwellings with a clearly defined urban centre.”

Ryan “In Fingal we had a Town Council in Balbriggan for over one hundred years. It’s

removal was a blow to the town. Under our plans Balbriggan and other towns in Fingal would have a town council giving local people more access to decision making and the planning of their town”

“We want a Local Government Commission to consider and define each qualifying town. We provide that each Council would elect a minimum of 9 town councillors. For towns with a population over 25,000, 15 Councillors would be elected. There would be one local electoral area for each town. The new town councils would be a body corporate, and under our proposals a rating authority. Every enactment that applied to old town councils would be restored under our Bill.

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