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Balbriggans Swimming Pool Committee AGM Tuesday Night.

NFPC are having our AGM on the 22nd of September at 8pm. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, we have decided to run the AGM virtually through Zoom. The AGM is open to all residents of North Fingal and we would encourage you to attend the AGM to show the support there is in North Fingal for a public pool. We are also seeking new members to join the committee. This is a great opportunity to make yourself heard and get involved in the campaign!

If you wish to attend you can email or fill in the following online form:

In February 2019 Fingal County Council confirmed a pool would form part of the Castlelands Development. The Fingal Pool committee welcome Fingal County Council have accepted the need for such facilities and many demands came from public consultation seeking a Public Pool for Balbriggan. However, projects have failed to deliver a pool in the past due to the wider projects failure eg Balbriggan Rugby Club Development, which had initially eclipsed plans for a public pool in Skerries. The Castlelands Master Plan may take years or not happen at all so the committee fight on to seek a Public Swimming pool for North Fingal.

In 2018 during a meeting with Michael Martin, myself Niall Keady, Darragh O'Brien TD and Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee we discussed North Fingal Pool Campaign, a committee set up over 3 years ago to campaign for a public swimming pool for Balbriggan. Micheal Martin stated he was very aware of the call for a public swimming pool in the area following his own canvassing in the area. Micheal Martin now Taoiseach stated, "under a Fianna Fáil led Government you will get your pool."