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Balbriggan Social Isolation Volunteers Stand Down.

Balbriggan Social Isolation Volunteers, Job Done! The Admins & GoFors are standing down, the work is done and hopefully, They will not be needed in the future. Ronan O'Callaghan, Emma MH, Laura McGrath and Niall Keady. B.SIV a special thank you to the GoFors and everybody that got involved and everyone that contributed in any way.

Balbriggan SIV a local group of people that came together to support the communities of Balbriggan, Balrothery and Balscadden. With over 90 volunteers coming forward to help with the most vulnerable in our community, People stuck in doors alone, with kids or worried about going outside. Most of the services done were Shopping, Prescriptions, Deliveries, Even a friendly chat.

Balbriggan SIV made the Fingal READ STORY HERE

The group from the beginning felt the first task was to seek out those cocooning and self isolating and in need of help and proceeded to canvas the whole of Balbriggan, Balrothery & Balscadden adhering to strict social distancing, while guidelines had not even been produced yet they established themselves with Volunteer Fingal and Fingal County Council both organisations commending them on their established structures and procedures.

Balbriggan Social Isolation Volunteers winding down

Niall Keady with an extensive business network helped establish contact with many store operators locally made arrangements with many of them to give priority to volunteers shopping on behalf of others and making arrangement to make payments over the phone with the shop and customers.

Not limited to single stores

An important aspect was Balbriggan SIV did not want to limit users to only certain shops and felt it was important people were offered a fair choice and are particular grateful to all Balbriggan and Balrothery Shops & Supermarkets who all facilitated shopping.

The key to the success of Balbriggan SIV was the super planning and organisation of all the admins. The priority was the users who were able to get their shopping, prescriptions and whatever they needed, the shops and business were able to continue to do business and the volunteers benefited from helping other and being part of the front line.

The group admins met regularly online and for the first couple of weeks never actually met in person. The volunteers were organised into several whatsApp groups and requests were sent in via email and phone. With many people abroad calling to ask to have their parents looked after. People using the service were called SIVys and the volunteers were called GoFors

Some mention too to the Business and organisations that supported the efforts of the volunteers. While many of the business gave priority to the volunteers shoppers and facilitated over the phone payment with people doing shopping. Other like Bracken cabs offered free taxis for urgent and emergency use and transport for the volunteers to get to the shops. The Macari family that own and run Deli Burger, Pop In and Francos gave 100's of free portions to families and people cocooning all over Balbriggan, Balrothery and Balscadden.

Below a selection of Photos and Videos from the past 3 months of Balbriggan Social Isolation Volunteers.

Special thanks to everyone that got involved and special thanks to the following business.

Macari Family

Balrothery Pharmacy

Richardson Promotions

Super Valu Balbriggan

Bracken Cabs

EEC Hardware

Lidl Balbriggan

Digital Pitch

Nolan Motors

Cuddles Pet Store

Tesco Balbriggan

Tesco Mobile

Lynas Outlet Store

Balbriggan Parish

Hamilton Park

Well done Balbriggan it the community and the people that make it #OurBalbriggan

April 2020 We can help over 70s, people cocooning and in isolation get their essentials from EEC Homeware.

Balbriggan SIV working with Lynas Outlet

Tesco Balbriggan helping Balbriggan SIV

Cuddles Pet Store

Bracken Cabs offers support to Balbriggan SIV

Borza Balbriggan helping Balbriggan SIV out

Niall Keady from Digital Pitch and Balbriggan News