Balbriggan Salon offers free bikini wax to all the ladies who book their smear this month.

Michelle Bennett is the owner of Molly Dolly’s Nail & Beauty in Balbriggan. They have just started a social media campaign to highlight the importance of smear testing among women.

Michelle Bennett & Laura Hickey

For the month of February theyare offering a free bikini wax to all the ladies who book their smear. Michelle is hoping to spread the word and get as many other salons across Dublin to join in on this idea.

Molly Dolly’s Nail & Beauty in Balbriggan have decided to offer a free bikini wax to all those who book there cervical smear in the month of February. "It’s 10 years since Jade Goody’s passing and we want to keep her legacy alive" Michelle told Balbriggan.Net . "Book that smear ladies and we will get your lady garden in order cervical cancer is on the rise, don’t be a statistic on the wrong side of the scale ladies." Said Michelle.

Book now for your smear with your local G.P, nurse or well woman clinic. Then drop us a mail

See the Molly Dolly’s Nail & Beauty Facebook Page for more:

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