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Balbriggan Dart delayed by 5 years.


Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal and Dáil spokesperson on Transport has criticised a response he received from the National Transport Authority which states it will take up to Five years to extend the Dart to North County Dublin, and that is through a hybrid fleet of trains and not the electrification of the line. From the reply received from the NTA, it seems the electrification of the line north of Malahide will come afterwards.

Ryan “In a reply I received from the NTA it indicates that the NTA are currently in a process of engaging a specialist rail advisory firm to assist them in developing a fleet specification for a hybrid diesel/electric train which would operate in electric mode on the electric sections of the commuter line and diesel mode on the non-electric segments of line. In the North County Dublin context, that is the line north of Malahide.

Ryan “I was surprised by this response and furthermore, instead of this being a quick solution to increasing the capacity on the Northern Line I was informed by the NTA that the sourcing and procurement of a new fleet could take up to five years with an expectation that it will be delivered in either 2022 or 2023. Only then will the NTA be in a position to extend the Dart services as far north as Balbriggan and onto Drogheda. The ever increasing population of North County Dublin has led to increased pressure on our transport infrastructure including massive pressure on our train services and bumper to bumper car traffic on the M1 corridor. We need faster solutions to the commuter chaos in Fingal”