Keith Sherwin owner & operator of a family run business, North County Carriages based in Balbriggan and operating through out Fingal now with a carriages in a range of styles and sizes.  We have a lovely selection of top Wedding Horse Drawn Carriages, Horse Drawn Carriages for all occasions, Horses and Carriages to help make your Wedding or any special day perfect. 


North County Carriages offers Horse & Carriage trips at locations throughout Fingal and are available for private hire or can attend local events.

Whatever your requirements or occasion, wherever you may be situated, we provide an exceptional turnout. All turnouts are covered by public liability insurance.

  • Horse & Carriage trips

  • Horses and carriages for weddings

  • Private Hire

  • Festivals & Events

  • Available for Film & TV 




North County Carriages



Horse & Carriage Trips & Rental Throughout Fingal.

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