Balrothery Medieval

Night 2003

A medieval evening was held in the heritage centre of Balrothery and what a success it turned out to be. The people arrived in medieval costumes at the gates of the castle and were transported back in time as they were greeted by jesters, jugglers, and servants in the banqueting hall. The evening began with the news that the wicked witch had put a spell on the Baron. The witch was captured and put in the castle tower for her terrible deed. Entering the castles main hall the cries of the witch could be heard from the tower, claiming her innocence. 

The Squires Casey, Andrews, and McCormack addressed the gathering as to who should be picked as the new Baron of Balrothery. After a narrow vote Squire Casey was elected. His first task was to deal with the wicked witch. She was brought to the main hall, tried, and sentenced to burn at the stake.

The evening continued with a banquet of good food and wine. In the background a musical quartet filled the air with beautiful medieval music. To end the event the witch was taken to the fair green and burned at the stake. At Baron Casey’s request everyone made their way to McCormack’s Tavern to enjoy the rest of the evening.

To the heritage centre committee and to all who attended in full costume, well done on a fantastic night.
Martin Fanning 25th February 2004