Febuary 2004

Balbriggan National School 1921.

Here is a gem of a photo from 83 years ago, so its unlikely many from this shot are still alive. It comes courtesy of the B/C collection. If anyone thinks they can put names to the faces, please let us know. 30.03.04

Balbriggan National School 1921 © 2003 Benton & Curtis Collection

Smoking Ban in pubs only hours away. 

Did we ever think we would see the day that smoking in the pub would be banned in Balbriggan, and not only Balbriggan, the whole of Ireland.... Saturday night, 27th March, was the last saturday night drinkers could enjoy a smoke in one hand and a drink in the other. Surely this can't be true, an institution gone forever, a great piece of legislation or an infringement on civil liberties, whatever your view, it looks like it's here to stay. Two of the team went out and about with their digital camera. Their first stop was the Bracken Court Hotel followed by McCormack's, The Central and ending up in The Milestone. It was Martin and Tony's' mission to record for posterity and the web site, an institution that goes back hundreds of years. In total, they took 45 pictures of smokers and non smokers and we bring you every photo taken by our intrepid reporters. If you like a particular photo and want a print of it, let us know by email and we will email you a high quality version of that photo free of charge. Hopefully we will be putting names to every photo. Click on the thumbnail to see all the photos. 28.03.04

Sunshine House Photos.

Once again we have to sincerely thank Seamus Fearon for his generosity in making these brilliant photos available to Balbriggan.net. There is a story to be told of how Seamus heard we were looking for photos and we will tell all in the coming days. In this selection we bring you ten photos from the late 40's to the mid 60's. The photos are truly brilliant and we hope you get as much enjoyment looking at them as we do. As one of the team(JB) said the other day, "photographs and no good left in a box, they should be there for all to see, they are part of our history".27.03.04

Fisherman Photo from 1949.

Here is a photo, courtesy of Eddie Guildea, of fishermen from the town attending a meeting in Westport. We have most of the names and will publish same in the coming days. See how you get on in naming as many as you can. Hint, only one man, bottom right, is still alive.

Back Row. L To R Sean Dunn, unknown, Andy Reid, Fred Hammond, Jack Richardson, Frank White, Willie Reynolds, Unknown, John Guildea, Front Row. Willie Kavanagh, Tom Richardson, George Richardson, Eddie McConlon, Andy Carvan, Richard ?, Billy Guildea.

Gallen Mills.

Colin Whelan has sent us some great photos of the last day at Gallens. We have placed ten photos on a page showing the inside of this, once large employer in the town. Other than that, we don't have much information on this company, so as always, if you can help on that score, let us know. Click on thumbnail to see all photos. Thanks Colin

Harbourstown House.

This once majestic house was destroyed in the 1940's and stood near Naul, just west of Balbriggan. The estate is sometimes referred to as Herbertstown. 13

Wavin 1972 Photos.

Seeing as we were "off Air" all last week, we are trying to make up some ground and these photos come courtesy of Declan R. They show the workers and their spouses enjoying themselves on a days excursion. We are open to correction on these photos so if you know something that we don't, please let us know.

P. Hand(with mic)

P.McCormack, D.Farrell, C.Kelly, S Evers & M Eustace

Mr & Mrs P O'Melia

T.McKenna & J Marry

W. Guildea

S. Carton & A. Swift

Mr & Mrs H. Reilly and Mr & Mrs G Donnelly

B. Faulkner & Mr O'Byrne.

Balbriggan in the Snow.... 

It's Tom Coughlan we have to thank for these fine images. It has been a few years since I remember such an occurrence. We have no idea when these pictures were taken, so if Tom could let us know, please do. The shots are two of the harbour and one looking down hampton street at the square.

Another Sunshine Photo.

We must thank Seamus Fearon(Dublin) for this cracking shot of "Shiners" boarding the train at Balbriggan station. Talk about an opportune photo that just turned out great, everybody with their backs to the camera except for one guy, looking straight into camera with that look on his face and he tightly holding his wellington boots. 

O'Lorcains and Corrys 1980's. 

Here is today's treat, we are not sure of the year, perhaps late 80's but it shows where Spar is now on Dublin street.05.03.04

Medieval Evening 25th October 2003

On Saturday 25th October a very unique event organized by the Balrothery Heritage Committee took place in conjunction with the Festival of Arts Balbriggan. To read more and see all the photos click on thumbnail. 

The Square 1949.

We think this has to go down as the best photo of the square, by a long shot. The car in the foreground, the bikes outside Derhams, and some locals going about their daily business, really shows that life went at a different pace then. Sometimes we over romanticise on how good things were then, only to be corrected, and rightly so, that these times were tough for a lot of people, outside toilets, no hot water, no central heating etc. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.24.02.04.

Eamonn DeValera visits Balbriggan c1948. 

A picture like this doesn't come that often. This is a real special one with Dev probably canvassing for the 1948 election, which he ultimately lost, winning only 68 of the possible 147.

Post Office. 

Today's photo comes courtesy of Martin Fanning and its of the Post Office on Dublin street. Standing outside are the postmen, the counter staff and who we can only presume are telegram boys? Can you identify any of the people.


"Pronunciation: bal-'bri-gan, Function: noun, Etymology: Balbriggan, town in Ireland, a knitted cotton fabric used especially for underwear or hosiery" this is how Websters Dictionary describes the name and while searching the web we came across an unusual image. Williams Brothers in the US apparently still produce these garments. To learn more read what two of the team have to say on "Smyco" Click HERE

1941 Parade on Square.

Today's offering comes in the shape of parade passing the square in 1941. Note the buildings in the background, Crilly the Chemist and Dunne where the POP IN used to stand. Judging by the GAA sign, it must have been a commemorative walk of some sort. If we receive any more information on this we will gladly publish it.11.02.04

Confrey's Pub. 

For those new to the town, where the Deli Burger is now, used to be Confrey's Pub and shop. It used to be said of the shop, that they had at least one of everything. I personally can vouch for this, around 94, I needed something which I can't remember now and I tried Confrey's as a last resort. I enquired and one of the brothers went down to the cellar and true enough, returned with the required item. Its sad to see an institution gone forever. There were three Connolly brothers who ran the pub and shop and we are not sure what became of them, Did they leave the town? If you know, please let us know. Thanks to a team member we have pictures of two of the brothers and a picture of the building for your viewing.

Derham's Shop.

Todays treat is of Derhams Shop on the square which is now part of McGowans Solicitors. This photo was taken in 1960 and it also shows Mr Derhams Car and Bicycle

Balbriggan-A Shadow of its former self.

A local woman, Kathleen Hammond, feels so strongly about the neglect of the town that she put pen to paper and sent it to "Ireland on Sunday". She talks about how other towns in the Fingal area have been developed whereas Balbriggan has seen little development other than loads of housing with no facilities. Click on thumbnail to read her winning letter.