December 2004

The Laurels Quayside

This photo is primarily for our ex pats so you can keep up to date with the huge developments going on in the town. 

The Courthouse Photo c1900.
Today we bring you another classic photo from the David Brangan Collection. To recap, these photos are so old that they were given to on Glass by David Brangan. 98 of them in total and most never seen before. This one of the Courthouse was in bad condition as a fungus had started to eat away at the image. Thankfully we now have it stored electronically so it can't deteriorate any more. We also include a recent photo taken from a similar angle. Can anyone spot the major alteration to the building?03.12.04 

Bridge Street 1971.

Here is a photograph that was emailed to us by Pat Lyons. It's a smashing photo taken in 1971 and it shows the hotel along with Crilly's Chemist and Maloccas takeaway. Pictures like these are especially great for those new to the town where they can see what it once looked like. Once again, we remind anyone who has photos of the town to contact us, we would love to hear from you. 

Hampton Gates.

Apologies to all for the relative inactivity of the site over the past week. All the team were busy working, Martin is missing, presumed drinking, Joe is as busy as ever and Jack & Tony are dossing. Anyway, todays offering is a gem from the David Brangan Collection. This picture, again from the turn of the century, shows Hampton Gates which led up to Hampton Hall. The Gates were at the top of Hampton Street(Skerries Street) at the road junction where the memorial park is now..09.11.04

Hampton Gates-David Brangan Collection.

Around Here is where the above gates stood. Photo by Tony Healy.

Sail Inn garage closes.

This well known garage on Drogheda street closed its doors for the last time today. Although expected to be closed for several months, Shell are expected to rebuild a larger premises here. We bring you two photos, one of the premises and one of the staff along with a regular customer. 29.

Photographic Exhibition beside Bank of Ireland.

This exhibition continues all weekend in the old Garda station. Come along and see some great photos of Balbriggan over the years. Joe Curtis has also produced an excellent Audio Visual on Balbriggan using old photos never seen before and this can be viewed at the exhibition . We have some photos here of the opening night. 

Post Office Closes.

The Post Office on Dublin Street has closed its doors for the last time. The present owner is retiring and  a new premises is opening on Monday beside the Credit Union. Martin found an old photo of the front of the post office going back to about 1920 to 1930. We already had it on the site but for handiness sake, here it is again. Click on Thumbnail. 15.10.04 

Photo courtesy of Martin Fanning.

Above photos by Jack Benton wins Town Council Award. are thrilled out of their little skins to have won this award. The award, in the "Arts & Culture" section was in recognition of the site's role in promoting the town at home and abroad. There to accept the award from Cllr May McKeown and An Cathaoirleach, Monica Harford, were Tony Healy, Jack Benton & Martin Fanning. Joe Curtis was away and so unable to attend. The site has gone from strength to strength and it was a fitting time to receive the award as its the sites first birthday. Congratulations to the No.1 web team in Ireland. 15.10.04

What was there before it became a Car Park?

This photo will interest those new to the town. The Car Park beneath the Viaduct was originally "Cumiskey's Coal Yard". We bring you two photos, the first is part of the David Brangan Collection taken c1900 and the second is the same view over a hundred years later. Compare both and see what buildings are still standing. 12.10.04

Photo Courtesy of David Brangan

Same as above 100 years later.

Brass & Reed Band.

Here we have two photos going back to the early 80's or late 70's. They show the towns Brass & Reed Band. 10.10.04

Scouts Celebrate their 75th Anniversary

The 34th Balbriggan scout troop celebrated their 75th anniversary on Sunday the 26th Sept 04 in style which got under way with a parade to a packed St Peter and Paul's church.Balbriggan Scout Leader Eddie Darcy welcomed everyone who was connected with scouting down the years and all the many friends associated with the 34th troop.To Eddie, Charley, Angela well done on a fantastic day in the history of our scout troop in Balbriggan.Also thanks to the ladys committee who feed us so well at end of a wonderful day. All photos By Martin Fanning. 10.10.04

Peace March 1970's
Today we bring you a photo of a Peace march going through the town. The photo shows what's now the Medical Centre and the Pub beside it which is now a Chemist. Our I.T. dept. will be carrying out essential maintenance on the site over the coming days but we hope to be back "Live" by Thursday. 2.10.04

Peace March. Photo Courtesy of Benton/Curtis Collection © 1999.

Church Street--1900's
A resident from this street asked one of the team if there was a photo of Church Street from early 1900's and its our pleasure to bring you such a photo from the David Brangan collection. PO'H, we hope you enjoy. 29.09.04 

Smyco workers. Photo c1910
Photo courtesy of David Brangan Collection.