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Alison O'Grady, illustrator, graphic designer and art educator, born in Dublin. O'Grady is a qualified Art teacher with qualifications in Visual Communications, Graphic Reproduction Technology and Youth Arts. Her work ranges from pencil drawing, watercolour, pen & ink to vector illustrations. O'Grady creates whimsical and playful illustrations which are inspired by her native North County Dublin, Dublin City and Ireland. She is founder of international sketching group Sketchbound. O'Grady is based between Ireland & UAE working as an illustrator, art education consultant and ambassador for all things Fingal!


Framed by

New Dome.jpg

In 2015 Alison created vector artwork depicting how Balbriggan lighthouse would look with its dome. For many years the people of Balbriggan had called for the dome to be replaced and finally on 17 September 2018 the dome arrived in back Balbriggan. Now in May 2020 Alison finally got around to updating the original artwork to illustrate the dome in finer detail.

We are delighted Alison has allowed Balbriggan News to sell prints and framed prints to our readers. Available for a limited time only.