Boland Again calls for Costal Management Committee

Independent Councillor Cathal Boland called for the establishment of a Coastal Committee to be established by the Local authority.

Management in response stated that there was a Fingal Coastal Liaison Group already in place which relates to the entirety of the Fingal Coast Line. Three locations are identified as the areas of concern for the Committee these are Rush, Portrane and Sutton. The Committee is reflective of this small strip of the Fingal Coast line.

Speaking in Skerries following the Area Committee meeting Councillor Cathal Boland spoke of the enormous potential value that the coast line provides. This area is an asset of the County yet to be harvested. He went on to say “the Liaison Group is doing a fine job in respect of the issues it was established to address which in the main is coastal erosion. There is so much more which needs to be done and can be done. There is a lot of great expertise within the coastal community. These people have a lot to contribute if given the correct forum to work from. We need to see the big picture not address the issue in an ad hoc manner. We need to be creators not last responders.

I take nothing away from the Coastal Erosion Liaison Group but we need to take our heads out of the sand and start building on the asset”

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